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Stichfix™ maternity support belt

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Back pain can take a significant toll on your body during pregnancy. This maternity belt is just the right solution to your lower back pain. It is designed to give you exceptional lower back support, and protects your back from all your daily activities while also ensuring that your fetus is kept in a safe, and secure position while it also reduces the risk of stretch marks during your pregnancy journey.

This belt gives just the right amount of compression, and support throughout all stages of your pregnancy. It is fully adjustable to accommodate your growing bump while ensuring that you get the support you deserve!

This breathable fabric is constructed of a multi layered laminate with elastic lining which is designed to support you when you are walking, sitting, and in the standing position!

Why this maternity belt will change your life 

Proper posture - This belt is designed to make sure that your back is completely safe from over extension, and corrects your sitting position throughout your entire stage of pregnancy. 

You can wear this under your clothes - This ergonomic design of this maternity belt is ideal for active users. It  allows it to fit under your clothes and keep you comfortable and cool during all circumstances, and works really well in the summer 


 Safe, and secure - This belt will keep your position in the right position during pregnancy, and will also help you reduce the risk of stretch marks during pregnancy. 


No more irritating pain - This belt helps pregnant women experiencing hip, lower back and pelvic girdle pain, bladder pressure, separation of the abdominal muscles, and sacroiliac dysfunction.

Easy to wear - This belt can be put on and off in just seconds! 

Our maternity belt comes with a full instructions manual on how to use it. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions on how to use it!  

You can refer to the chart below to find the nearest length of the circumference of your fetal abdominal circumference


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