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Powermax™ pulley trainer


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"I absolutely love this product! I am someone who loves going to the gym, but due to my new job I find it hard to make time! This piece of equipment is truly a life saver. It's literally so smooth just like the cables at the gym, and there's endless amounts of exercises you can do. I will definitely buy another one so I can start doing chest flies, and more exercises!"

- ✅ Amy B. A livehanced customer


💪 Now You Can Continue Your Workout Anywhere!


We truly understand the modern day challenges of getting an adequate and effective workout. Nowadays, It can be difficult to make enough time to go to the gym, and the commute can take a lot of time out of your day. In the modern day era, most gyms can be extremely crowded, making you constantly wait in line for available machines, making the workout less efficient. 

The Powermax pulley trainer is the number one solution to all these problems!  This revolutionary trainer will allow you to vigorously train your full body from the comfort of your own home! The science behind why the Powermax pulley trainer is so powerful, is that it allows constant tension under your muscles in multiple planes of motion, which results in more efficient muscle growth! Whether you're a beginner, or advanced lifter, this machine will allow you to take your workout to the next level!



Why the Powermax™ pulley trainer will change your life 


 ✅ WORKOUT SAFER -  . 90% of gym injuries come from dumbbells and barbells.” - (American Journal of Sports Medicine). With this sytem you can build up to big weights safely, without the great risk of injury!



 ✅ EASY INSTALLATION - This system is made so that it can be installed hassle free, and  in less than 5 minutes!  


 ✅ TARGET ALL YOUR MUSCLES - The Powermax pulley trainer can be used to target ALL OF YOUR MUSCLES such as your triceps, lats, biceps, deltoids, and MUCH MORE! 




 ✅ SAVE MONEY - Most cable systems can range from $1000 - $3000, and only have limited ways for installation as most can only fit on power racks. With the Powermax pulley trainer you can install this on squat racks, pull up bars, ceiling mounts, doorways, trees, etc. 




 ✅ UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE - The high quality tricep rope included in this trainer is constructed with heavy braided nylon that optimizes comfortability, and longevity! The flexibility of the rope allows the users range of motion to be unconstructed during use.




 ✅ SAVE SPACE  - We truly understand the need to have space to install your own home gym. With this system you can save your space at home while getting an intense cable workout like those in the gym!

How to install 


🙈 Worry no more!


We UNDERSTAND that it can be annoying having to face the issues of crowded gyms, unsanitary machines, long travel times, and expensive gym memberships. In addition, It can be FRUSTRATING trying to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on MULTIPLE pieces of gym equipment/workout machines, and BULKY equipment that you may not have SPACE for! A recent STUDY showed that working out, and exercising can increase the overall QUALITY of a person's life by a SIGNIFICANT amount. 

With the Powermax™ pulley trainer we can take a DEEP BREATH, and sigh with RELIEF to no longer face issues with crowded gyms, and constantly having to wipe other peoples sweat off equipment. The Powermax™ pulley trainer does MORE than just build your muscles / burn fat. It will bring back your TRUST, and CONFIDENCE in yourself. Worry no more about going to a commercial gym, and get a commercial gym experience workout, in the comfort of your OWN HOME!



What is the maximum loading capacity?

With the powermax pulley system, you can load up to 200lbs per system. By purchasing two systems, you can load up to 400lbs!

Can I do chest flies on this? 

Yes you can! However, you need to purchase two powermax pulley systems!

What weight plates can I use for this system?

You can use standard, and olympic weight plates for this pulley system!


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