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Bought this for my 9 months old puppy. 

 Comfy Lounging Space For Your Pet

We understand how much you love it when your dog jumps up on the furniture to lay next to you! However, allowing your pet on the couch can leave a huge mess, and cause damage to your furniture. It can leave you frustrated to see scratch marks from your pets nails, or even worst, having to constantly clean the fur from your expensive furniture!

The ploof blanket will allow your loved pet to sit right beside you while ensuring that your furniture stays clean, and also damage free! Unlike other sofa covers, the Ploof rolls out just like a blanket, but provides the comfort and support of a cushiony bed. Better yet, the Ploof comes with an attached pillow, adding to the Ploof's overall comfort and coziness.




Why the ploof will change your dogs life!

✅ RELIEVE YOUR DOGS ANXIETY! - The super soft plush material in the ploof will ensure immediate relaxation, and comfort to your dog which will reduce anxiety, and give your dog long lasting sleep!



 ALL AROUND USE - The Ploof can be placed on the floor, bed, sofa or anywhere your pet chooses. It doubles as a protective cover for your sofa so that your pet doesn't make a mess when trying to cozy up with you.



SIMPLE CARE - Despite its fluffy design, the Ploof is extremely simple to maintain and clean. Its cover can be unzipped and machine-washed to make it look good as new! 


 ALLOW YOUR PET TO SIT BESIDE YOU WHILE WATCHING TV - With the Ploof you will be able to finally spend some quality time, while snuggling up with your pets in front of the tv. 



 LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE- Take the Ploof anywhere so that your pet has somewhere to rest wherever you go. It folds up just like a blanket, making it easy to pack in a bag and travel with if needed.