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Glowenvy™ facial brush



Cleaning and skin care are totally necessary things in our time, and although it is something that we all know, it is also true that having the habit of taking care of ourselves frequently and constantly are difficult qualities to achieve.  

This Glowenvyfacial brush is designed to effectively clean facial dirt, makeup residues and blackheads, also help with pore shrinking and dead skin exfoliation. In addition to cleaning, it also has sonic vibration, with the effect of a massage, it can effectively soothe the skin and make the skin more tender.

How does it work?

  • Moisten your face with clean water and apply your regular cleaning product on your face.

  • Turn on the Electric Facial Cleanser and choose a particular mode. Apply it gently to your face and move slowly.

  • After use, turn off the device, rinse under the tap and place it in a dry and cool place.

  • Rinse and dry your face. Then apply your favourite skin care products.

Why the Glowenvy™ facial brush will change your life 

Will exfoliate your skin - This device will allow you to remove all your dead skin cells while giving you a deep skin cleanse in just a minute! 

No more trouble removing stubborn makeup - The soft silicone bristles on the brush do an exceptional job in removing accumulated makeup that is super hard to remove with your hands! 

Anti bacterial - This brush is antibacterial which makes it totally safe, and non irritating  for your skincare routine. 

Includes a MASSAGE feature for your skin! - The extremely unique design of this brush includes a vibrating massage induction section which deeply massages your skin, while also bringing more energy to your skin! 

An all around effective cleanse - The pointed design of the Glowevny™ facial cleaner allows it to all the nooks, and crannies of your nose!