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Authentic skin detoxer roller

This authentic skin detoxer roller is the ultimate, and an essential beauty set. This skin roller is like a workout for your face! They help to increase lymphatic drainage which helps to remove toxins from the body. They can also help with circulation which leaves the skin with a naturally glowing appearance.



The massaging motion of this authentic skin detoxer promotes the tightening of your skin, and tones your facial muscles which will make your skin look firmer! It also helps bring down the puffiness of your skin which will make your cheeks, jawline, and brows that glowy look!



These rollers utilize ancient Chinese methodology to ensure it deeply massages your underlying facial muscles.  It helps to bring relief from stubborn tension headaches if you roll on your temples. Use around the eye orbital and you’ll soon see a difference in the texture, tone, and clarity. With regular use, your fine lines appear lessened, dark circles diminish, and you’ll notice a reduction in persistent wrinkles!



Why this authentic skin detoxer will completely change your life 

Will supercharge your your other skin products: The jade stone used in this skin detoxer helps your facial products penetrate deeper into your skin, rather than sitting on top of its outermost layer. Furthermore, it also acts as a moisturizer for your skin!

It is free of chemicals and additives: As you may know, chemicals and additives can have an adverse effect on your skin. However, this facial roller is COMPLETELY FREE from synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils. 

Designed to be used all around your face: The authentic skin detoxer can be used all around your face including the cheeks, jawline, under the eyes, and the forehead. 

Will make you look younger: The stone used in this roller promotes soothing many skin sensitive facial areas which are prone to wrinkles such as forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes.  

Will make your skin extra glowy: The jade roller will greatly promote increased blood circulation in your skin (especially in areas where toxins build up)  which will increase the amount of nutrients, and oxygen flowing to your skin's surface.

As you can see! There’s too much to love about adding the authentic skin detoxer roller to your daily beauty regimen. So, go ahead and indulge! Treat yourself to a relaxing daily facial massage, and enjoy the nourishing and beautifying effects of better circulation, while also getting more out of the skincare products you put on every day.