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Eyeexcel™ Blue light blockers

Frame Color
bright black
matte black


In this era communication, social media, and television has made it a norm to look at our laptops, tv’s, and phone screens which can actually be more detrimental to our eye health, and sleeping patterns than it seems. Research has shown that blue light exposure from screens can lead to digital eye strain. 



The Eyeexcel™ blue light blockers will do an exceptional job in eliminating tiredness, sore eyes, and headaches. The unqiue technology in the glasses will save your eyes from harmful blue light rays.

Why the Eyeexcel™ Blue light blockers will change your life

Enhanced, and better sleep - Research has shown that when we are exposed to blue light, it takes us an extra 1.5 hours to get to sleep in the evening. These blue light glasses will make sure you get your extra 2 hours of beauty sleep!

More energy throughout the day! - These blue light glasses will ensure that you are no longer exposed to harmful blue light rays, and therefore, you will notice a boost in your energy levels throughout the day.

Reduce exposure to headaches and sore eyes - A common side effect of blue light is that it can cause headaches, retinal damage, and sore eyes. These glasses will make sure that you feel clear, and confident throughout the day. 

Strong, durable, and long lasting - These glasses are designed with strong, and durable hinges which will allow the glasses to last a long time! 

Cute design - The unique design of these glasses are designed to look sleek, and stylish.