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Magic baby nibbler

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The baby nibbler is the perfect item for fuzzy teething in babies. In addition to giving your baby healthy snacks, this uniquely designed baby nibbler will allow you to fulfill your baby’s fresh fruit needs while also soothing your baby’s teething discomfort!  This is the ideal way to transition your little one from the breast feeding phase to eating solids while giving you a piece of mind. 

This baby nibbler comes in different sizes so it can effectively meet the needs of babies of different ages.including small size fits for up 4 months baby, medium size fits for up 9 months baby, large size fits for up 12 months baby.

Easy to use: Simply place a piece of fruit, vegetables, or even meat into the mesh bag and snap it shut! Your baby can now chew, suck, and taste the whole food goodness with small, digestible food pieces coming through. This will ensure that your baby is safe from choking!

This baby nibbler is BPA Free, Latex Free, Petroleum Free, Lead Free and Phthalates Free, so it is safe for baby to nibble and munch on

Why the baby nibbler will be a life changing product for you 

Multi purpose - This baby nibbler allows you to feed your baby a variety of foods such as fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, breast milk, and even medicine! 


Easy cleaning and storage - This unique material used to make this pacifier makes it stain resistant! You only have to wash it with warm soapy water, or boil to sterilize! 


Will eliminate teething discomfort- The baby nibbler will not only ensure that your nutritional requirements in a safe way, but the soft silicone material will soothe your baby's discomfort by massaging your baby’s gums, which will promote mouth muscle development! 


No more mess - no more worrying about the mess associated with feeding your baby! This baby nibbler introduces a clean but yet effective way in feeding your little loved one.