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Reusable stretch lids




Help save earth and eliminate plastic wrap from reaching our oceans!  These reusable stretch lids are completely odorlessstackable, and see through which makes  storing and finding food so much more easier!



COVER ANYTHING 🍉Leftover food? Don’t throw it away! Simply cover it with these silicone lids and it will stay fresh until you get hungry again! The reusable stretch lids can be used to cover cooked food, fruit, salads, sauces, as well as drinks like coffee, tea, juice and more. Our silicone bowl lids are 100% Phthalate, Lead Free, Plastic Free and BPA free.


These reusable stretch lids help you no longer need conventional cling wrap and the zipper storage bags! They will serve as a replacement for the broken or lost lids and significantly reduce plastic waste. they are a thousand times more eco friendly than cling wraps, baggies, or your traditional containers! 

Why these reusable stretch lids will change your life?

✅This will help you save money - You will no longer need to spend excessive amounts of money on cellophane to cover your leftover food fresh. Plus, the bowl lid does a much better job at keeping your food fresh! 


✅Fits all shapes and sizes - These lids are designed to fitmost bowls, pots, containers, mugs, cups, cans, jars, and you can even use it to cover your half cut melon! 

✅Easily washable - you can either wash these lids by warm soapy water, or toss them in the dishwasher. 

✅ENJOY the tightest seal possible- best achieved when the sealing surface is DRY.

✅FRESH, FRESH and fresher! - Keep leftovers fresh for later use. 


You can make a HUGE difference in such an easy way by eliminating your daily usage of plastic wrap.