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Scalphancer™ Brush

Light pink


The scalphancer brush has really changed my life! I suffer from a lot of dandruff and my scalp used to be flaky all the time! After a week of using this brush my dandruff completely disappeared!  This product is REALLY a MUST HAVE for every washroom 



Feel the difference after just one wash! 

We understand that it can be truly heartbreaking when those flakes, scales, oily scalp and other scalp problems start reappearing even after spending ridiculous amounts of money and time on scalp treatments that don’t even work. The Scalphancer™ brush can get rid of all your scalp troubles in just a couple washes. 

The medical quality silicone bristles do an exceptional job in removing the fungus and dead skin that build up on your scalp. Furthermore, the highly ergonomic design of this brush allows you to give your scalp a deep massage without tangling or damaging your hair.  


This revolutionary brush is the most natural solution to tackle your scalp problems. Its medical - grade soft silicone bristles do a phenomenal job in removing dead skin, bacteria, and fungus that causes many hair issues. Furthermore, it will allow your natural oils to keep the hair and scalp nourished and healthy


Why the scalphancer brush will change your life   

✅Reduces thinning, and boosts hair growth for fuller and thicker hair - This scalphancer brush massages and stimulates the blood vessels underneath your scalp which encourages faster blood circulation of nutrients in turn resulting in a thicker, and healthier scalp!

✅ Give yourself a gentle yet deep cleansing wash - The soft medical bristles in this brush will allow you to give yourself a deep cleansing wash without over irritating or scratching your scalp. 

✅A natural - chemical free solution of scalp troubles - The revolutionary bristle  technology in this brush  will eliminate the need to use chemical products to clean your scalp that may permanently damage your hair!

✅Saves your nails! - This brush is perfect for the ladies that do not want to ruin their beautiful nails! The Scalphancer brush is suitable for anyone that has long and manicured nails, you won't damage your manicure during washing hair anymore

✅Improves blood circulation of your scalp - The medical grade soft silicone material in this brush does an excellent job in enhancing the blood circulation in your scalp so essential nutrients and oxygens can easily flow throughout your hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth.




 How to use  


  1. Apply shampoo to your scalp as normal
  2. Hold the massager in your palm using the handle and slowly massage the scalphancer brush over your entire scalp in an up and down motion
  3. Use as much or as little pressure as you like!
  4. Repeat daily for maximum results



We understand, that it can be difficult to maintain a well nourished and clean scalp especially in the summer months! It can also be frustrating having to constantly remove flakes out of your scalp, and itching it all day! A recent study showed that too much buildup can suffocate the follicle root, which is literally the source of hair growth - leading to hair loss

With the Scalphancer brush, we can take a deep breath, and get a sigh with relief to no longer face issues with scalp buildup! The Scalphancer brush does more than just clean your scalp! It will bring back your trust in yourself and confidence. Worry no more of leaving your house with an oily, flaky, or dirty scalp! This brush will truly bring ease to your life, and allow you to effortlessly give your scalp an enjoyable spa level washing experience!