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Ultrabsorber™ Hair drying towel



"These are perfect! They are so soft and comfortable to wear. After all the neck surgeries the weight of a towel to dry my long hair is just too much. I'm so glad I found these and highly recommend them". - Susan B.


Tired of dealing with sloppy wet hair falling all over the place, and getting in your face while you’re getting ready, or even while you’re just trying to do your daily house chores! This ultrabsorber™ hair drying towel is just the solution you're looking for. 

Unlike regular cotton towels that absorb very little moisture from your hair, this ultrasborober hair towel is able to ensure that you have a tight wrap, with a non - slip dripping design that includes a button and a loop on the back to make sure it does not unravel!  It can hold up to seven times its water weight, and increases your drying time insanely!


Made of a super soft microfiber material this amazing hair drying towel won’t fall off your head or get in your way, like other towels, it stays securely on your head without unraveling.. hurray!

We’re not only bringing you this towel to save your hair drying time,  but also to protect your hair from friction caused by bath towels and substantial heat damage from blow dryers when hair is wet. You will notice less frizz and breakage with this super soft towel. 

Why the ultrabsorber hair drying towel will change your life 

Suitable for all hair sizes - While most hair drying towels will not stay on if you have long thick hair, our hair drying towel is equipped with a high quality  button and loop design that ensures that your head stays tightly wrapped! 


Will reduce frizz, and hair breakage - This towel will exceptionally protect you from any sort of hair breakage from your everyday bath towels, and will save your hair from the heat damage caused by hair dryers. 


Will save you TIME - Thanks to the advanced hair drying technology in this towel, and also the ergonomic design allowing it to keep your hair tightly wrapped in one place,  it will dry your hair significantly faster! 


No more running out of the door and getting your hair wet - simply pop this baby on your head, wait a few minutes, and bam! You’re green lit to go, go, go!


Stays in Place - no more dealing with huge bulky head towels that you have to wrap around like a turban just to have it fall off and get in your way.. snap Quick-Dry Towel Wrap in place and you’re good to go.